Friday, December 2, 2011

Temple Lights

I don't know how many years it's been since Chad and I have been to see the Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple, but we haven't been there since having kids. So while we were out with Adam and Heather, and after seeing Santa, we all headed over here. Bree had gotten it into her head that the actual temple would be decorated with lights, so she was a little disappointed when we were approaching. But she was not disappointed with how amazing the grounds were.

It was beautiful and magical, and the nativity scenes and music provided a spiritual atmosphere. Or at least they did for the few minutes our kids stood still. Bree and Mason were all over the place trying to take it all in. I especially like the picture where Mason looks like he's flying off the ledge with lights glowing through his body.

It's taken us this long to see the temple lights because we never stay in Mesa late enough to see it. So this trip was yet another occasion that makes me grateful that Adam and Heather are so close to us.


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