Monday, October 24, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

Our kitchen has gone through several changes since we moved in six years ago. First, before we even moved in, we removed the hideous linoleum (and the other hideous linoleum that was hiding underneath), and had the entire area tiled. Then I painted it my favorite shade of apple green. Finally, back in 2008, Chad installed new countertops and a bigger sink. I was so happy with the results:

My ultimate dream was to refinish the cabinets, but it was too big of a job to wrap my head around, and Chad was not excited about it. So I resigned myself to be content with trying to polish up the old brown cabinets as best I could to make it look nice.

But then, my parents told me that for Christmas they were giving me a kitchen cabinet remodel! I was beside myself with excitement. Chad was ambivalent, and made it pretty clear that he didn't want to help with any actual work. He was skeptical of my vision of a country kitchen with beadboard cabinets. He didn't believe me when I reassured him that an upgraded kitchen will be a great selling point some day. In short, this project was all for me, and all I cared about was that he was letting it happen. At any rate, my parents showed up, and we got to work.

First, we removed all the doors and hinges. Then while I worked on prepping and priming the bodies of the cabinets, my mom cut trim for all the doors. And she brought her nail gun, which was our best friend during this project.

We cut the trim,

placed it on the doors,

and nailed it in place.

Then the 1/8-inch beadboard was cut to fit inside the trim of each door, and on the ends of the cabinets as well. We used adhesive to glue the light-weight beadboard in place. Then we caulked, patched, and painted.

Here's what the kitchen looked like mid-project:

And the drawers got a similar treatment to the doors.

Finally, my mom taped herself inside a plastic tent to spray-paint the lazy susan in the corner. Now that's love.

With some new hardware, an updated treatment for the soffit, and some new appliances, it was done!

It feels so much bigger and brighter, and I really love the crown moulding around the soffit.


I cannot express how much I love it. Best. Christmas present. Ever.

Oh, and guess who agrees that the new kitchen is a selling point? Yep. Chad has seen the light.

Completed October 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is Halloween

First Taste

 Hey, buddy.
Okay, time to focus.
 That's better.  Okay, here's some more goopy rice cereal...
Your effort is admirable.  Especially since this stuff is as sticky as elementary school paste.  I can already see it forming a dried layer on your upper lip.

 What's that look for?
 Oh, now you think it's funny?
I love you.  And I can't believe how fast the time is going.

Mini Vacay

Chad has been wanting to do some yard-sale shopping for a while, in the hopes of finding a great deal on some old baseball cards.  Since our friend Joanna now lives in Thatcher, and since she goes yard-saleing with her mom and grandma every week, we thought we'd drive over there for a visit.  And then I decided to book a motel room so we could make a true mini-vacation of it.

After we checked into the Marriott, we met Joanna and her kids at the brand new "Frozen Treat Caboose" for some self-serve frozen yogurt.  We spent some time visiting, and the kids had a blast being together again, and wasted no time having fun.  Then when Tyler got home from work, we had a delicious dinner at Tony's.

The Marriott Springhill Suites was extremely nice.  Our room was a good size, with a separate sitting area, and a big bathroom.  This was actually the first time our entire family has stayed at a hotel!  The kids got a kick out of it, and Mason especially enjoyed the view of the pool from our third-floor window (being in a building that tall was a first for him too).

The next day we woke early to get a good start on the yard sales.  We ate our yummy free breakfast and headed out with Joanna's GPS and local paper clipping with yard sale addresses.  There were sales going everywhere, but not many baseball cards.  And several times, despite having a GPS, we'd end up driving into this:
And Chad and I would say to each other: "Do you think we've gone too far?"  Of course, cotton fields are everywhere you look around here, so you don't have to stray too far to be driving through one.  But they sure are pretty at harvest time.

Eventually, Chad found a lady who dug a large box of baseball cards out of her son's stuff to sell to him.  So it was a successful trip.  And we headed back to the hotel for some more swimming.  Yes, swimming in October.  It was genuinely hot out.  I'm not a fan of the endless summers here, but the kids sure appreciate them.

Not many would consider a short drive and stay in Thatcher to be a "vacation."  But we sure thought it was great.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Freelance Journalist for a Day

It's official--I've been published!  My work on the Globe-Miami Farmers' Market blog got me noticed by the local newspaper, and I was hired to do a feature article.  I interviewed the market manager, took some pictures, typed up the article, and solicited a few family members to help me proof-read and edit (thank you!).  And voila!  Here's my name in print!
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