Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extra! Extra!

From last week's local paper:

Masonic Lodge's Officers of the Year
Globe White Mountain Masonic Lodge #3 recognized its Officers of the Year at a luncheon on Saturday at Guayo's on the Trail. From left to right, Gila County Sheriff's Deputy Chris McGroarty, DPS Officer Chad Wallace of Roosevelt District 11, and Globe Police officer Brian Hudson. Unable to attend was Miami Police officer Thomas Medina.

Sunday, April 17, 2011



One and a half hours of painful contractions.
A quickly dilating cervix that made an epidural pointless.
A few good hard pushes.
An umbilical cord twice around baby's neck, remedied by doctor's nimble fingers.
Chubby cheeks, blue eyes, brown hair, huge feet.
Love at first sight.

Lincoln Porter Wallace
April 15th, 2011
2:47 a.m.
6 lbs, 15 oz
19 inches


Monday, April 11, 2011


Aboretum: a place where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes
This month's field trip found us at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, a state park just outside of Superior.  There were definitely trees, shrubs, and lots of herbs.  And there were scientific educational efforts put forth by the adult chaperones.  How much of it sunk into the kids' brains remains to be seen.  But I think we all agree that we enjoyed some beautiful plants, including some enormous trees that I didn't know could exist around here.  We encouraged the kids to look, listen, and smell (the smells were great, but my allergies paid for it for a few days!).  And we again witnessed the vastly differing levels of stamina between Bree and Mason.  Bree can walk or hike all day with enjoyment, never complaining.  Mason, on the other hand...
Well, let's just say that this was a recurring sight behind me, often accompanied by, "My feet hurt.  Can you carry me?  Let's go back to the car."  Thankfully I had crackers in my pocket to lure him down the path.  So through constant enticements and encouragement, (though at times I had my doubts) he didn't actually get left behind.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How many parties does one girl need?

Lucky Bree got more than one birthday party this year!

The Saturday before her actual birthday, my parents joined us:
  • Food: Chinese (Our whole family loves Chinese, and although we agreed that take-out definitely tops buffet, it was nice to sit down and eat at the restaurant too.)  
  • Gifts: from Grandma and Papa Wilkinson--homemade dress, a red skirt and leg warmers for dance (dance class was also one of her gifts), and Barbie clothes arrived in the mail that next week.  
  • Cake: chocolate chip cookie cupcake.

On April 1st, we had a party for our preschool group:
  • Food: pizza from Little Caesar's 
  • Cake: strawberry cupcakes (Bree really wanted Mickey cupcakes, which were really simple, but that black frosting was heinously messy!)
  • Goodies: Bree helped me choose some candy and little toys for goody bags for her friends, and she filled them by herself.
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