Sunday, April 3, 2011

How many parties does one girl need?

Lucky Bree got more than one birthday party this year!

The Saturday before her actual birthday, my parents joined us:
  • Food: Chinese (Our whole family loves Chinese, and although we agreed that take-out definitely tops buffet, it was nice to sit down and eat at the restaurant too.)  
  • Gifts: from Grandma and Papa Wilkinson--homemade dress, a red skirt and leg warmers for dance (dance class was also one of her gifts), and Barbie clothes arrived in the mail that next week.  
  • Cake: chocolate chip cookie cupcake.

On April 1st, we had a party for our preschool group:
  • Food: pizza from Little Caesar's 
  • Cake: strawberry cupcakes (Bree really wanted Mickey cupcakes, which were really simple, but that black frosting was heinously messy!)
  • Goodies: Bree helped me choose some candy and little toys for goody bags for her friends, and she filled them by herself.


Frances Wallace said...


I wish we could be there for all the fun occasions.

Jaime Lynne said...

I love her hair in the cute rolls on the side. Happy birthday, Bree!

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