Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Signs of Life

For the past two weeks I've been practically holed up in my house with my family, with the exception of a couple trips out for groceries and diapers. My mom spent several days here cleaning, cooking, and helping take care of the kids. Then Chad's mom visited for a few days to do the same. Well, yesterday, I decided to re-join the realm of the living, and Chad's mom took us all to the Phoenix Zoo. I wasn't too keen on leaving my comfortable house, and worried about being out with Bree and two-week-old Mason all day. But I am so glad I did! Bree had a great time (even if she was utterly exausted from lack of a nap), Mason slept through most of it, and I really enjoyed myself!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Babies

Just thought I'd post a couple new photos of my beautiful family! Mason has already gained a pound since we left the hospital, and Bree continues to love her little brother.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Arrival!

We welcomed Mason Everett Wallace into our family on Saturday, Feb. 2nd at 10:59 am. It was a pretty easy labor, and I didn't have to push long, thank goodness. Mason measured in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 21 inches long. We're both healthy, and doing well, other than Mason's mild jaundice (Bree had it too, thanks to my blood type). So we had to stay an extra day at the hospital to keep an eye on him, but thankfully Banner Gateway was a great place to have a baby. The food was decent (I got to order my own through "room service"), I had internet access via the TV, the nurses were all awesome; my only complaint was the uncomfortable bed, but what can you do? Now we're home, and things couldn't be better. Mason eats like a champ despite being little, Bree LOVES her baby brother, Chad has two weeks off work, and my mom is here helping out while I recover. I feel so incredibly blessed when I look at my little family!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Meet Kirby

He's the newest member of our family: Kirby. Last night Chad and I had a demo in our home, and not only did we get the carpet in two of our rooms vacuumed and shampooed for free, but we were convinced of the superiority of the Kirby vacuum. We spent a shameful amount on it, but I am so pleased with it. Our good friend Dyson, though good to us in former years, has begun to fail us of late. So we took the generous trade-in allowance and said goodbye. After seeing the amount of dirt, dust, and dead skin that my Dyson had left behind (see second picture), I was eager to clean the rest of my house this morning with my new Kirby. I tried out several attachments, and discovered an improved way to rid my house of the thick layer of dust that I shamefully allow to accumulate. And our bedroom is due for a shampooing, so I'll be able to do that myself too! So now I ask: was this a "want" or a "need"? I'll let you decide.

A Double Shower

Last Saturday the gals in my ward threw a baby shower for my "BFF" Sarah and me. We are the brunt of many Bobbsey Twins themed jokes, since we like to hang out together, our little blond girls get mistaken for sisters, our husbands are both police officers, and now we're having baby boys 4 weeks apart from eachother. So it was only fitting that we have a joint baby shower. It was a lot of fun--we got so many thoughtful gifts from ladies in the ward. And I was excited to get some cash-gifts too! (I must confess, I used some of it to treat myself to a pedicure, which I'm sure in some way will benefit the new baby!)
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