Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tractor-ful Birthday

My parents came to Globe for a quick visit to celebrate Mason's third birthday.  Anyone who's met Mason knows he is a tractor freak.  If we're driving in the truck, he can spot tractors from a block away.  He knows which way we need to go to drive by RSC Equipment Rental.  Whenever we visit my parents' place, he has to ride on papa's tractor with him.  He knows all of the construction vehicles: front-loader, bulldozer, bobcat, backhoe, forklift, dump truck, crane, etc.  So my parents gave him a John Deer Tractor for his birthday, along with a custom-sewn John Deer shirt.  We enjoyed lunch out, complete with a free birthday ice cream sundae (which Bree quickly claimed--Mason's not always a huge dessert fan).  It seemed like Mason was two forever.  And despite my worries, he is finally talking, is actually quite the chatterbox now, has learned to mostly dress himself (even though his clothes are backwards 30% of the time), and has successfully potty-trained, thank goodness.  He loves music, and can often be heard singing himself to sleep.  He is a crazy whirl-wind of a boy, who never walks if there's room to run while flailing his limbs in all directions, and I would worry about his hearing if I didn't know that boys his age often need directions to be repeated six times before they sink in.  He's my three-year-old.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Globe receives an honor

It's been too long since I've seen Jaime--almost a year!  She and Zackary braved the airlines to visit us and break up January's monotony.  What did we do?  Well, a whole lot of nothing, really.  But it was the best nothing I'd had in a long time.  We did get pedicures, and would have hit the local day spa if it hadn't been closed due to water damage.  And we gave Jaime and Zackary haircuts (my hairdresser did Jaime's, and Chad did Zackary's).  Oh, and we got to watch and make fun of The Bachelor together in person instead of via text.  Jaime helped us sort through Riley's baby clothes, and she donated some clothes for the new baby.  And I returned her maternity clothes, which she needs now, and which mostly don't fit me anyway (we normally wear the same size, but she's a thinner pregnant woman than I).  She helped me test a recipe for Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes.  The kids played, and Mason and Zackary drove each other crazy.  And we talked, and talked, and talked.  And then she had to go home too soon.  And I again marveled at how lucky I am to have such a close and true friend.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missing toy

Mason: "I need my front loader Mom."
Me: "Where is it?"
Mason: "In my closet."
Search for said toy commences.
Me: (holding up a toy tractor) "Is this it?"
Mason: "No.  I need my front loader."
Me: (holding up another variety of tractor) "Is this it?"
Mason: "No.  I don't need a backhoe or a bulldozer or a dump truck.  I need a front loader."

I apparently need to brush up on tractor definitions.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tonto National Monument

A beautiful day for a hike.  And it was quite a hike!  You can see where we started out in the first picture, and our destination--the ruins high up in the hills.  It was quite a feat for five little kids and three moms carrying babies (and yes, mine is still in my belly, but that doesn't mean he counts any less).  Everyone we passed had an amused look and a thoroughly witty comment for us.  The cliff dwellings were very cool, and though not on as grand a scale as Mesa Verde, we got to walk into all the rooms, which was neat.  And the views of Roosevelt Lake were beautiful, reminding us just how high we had come...quite an accomplishment.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Remember this?

Remember this picture from last August?  Five months ago?  Yeah, well, the potty-training effort never came to fruition.  We tried several times over the next few months, but even though he seemed to show signs of readiness, he was too distracted/lazy for it to really sink in.

Well, the new year brought new resolve.  I am determined to potty train this kid before his third birthday next month.  I'm trying to earn myself a short break from diapers for the first time in almost five years.  So this last week I kept Mason home from "big-boy" activities, such as preschool, library story time, or shopping trips.  He has definitely not liked staying home while Bree and I go off to do fun things.  And when he's home, his room and his toys as well as any TV are off-limits.  I'm mean, I know.  But it was working!  He spent a lot of time running around the house half-naked, and yes, there were a few accidents, and I made him shampoo the carpet himself.  So mean.  He was starting to get it, but every time we'd put underwear or a pull-up on, he'd almost immediately soil it.  So yesterday he was free as a bird all day.  That did the trick!  Not one single accident, and he FINALLY went number two in the potty all on his own.  Major breakthrough.  So he's happy earning his tiny tractor toys for his accomplishments, and I'm super optimistic now that we're on diaper-free day #2.  My boy's growing up!  Finally!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let the dancing begin!

Bree has been talking about "When I go to dancing school" for quite some time, even though we've never brought it up to her.  She absolutely adores dancing, and I've been wanting to put her into a class, but because of Chad's salary cut last year it was definitely out of the question.

Well, my mom decided to give Bree her big number five birthday present early--dance tuition!  I took Bree to Lynn's School of Dance downtown yesterday to get her signed up, and she got to participate in the little girls' class to see what it's all about.  Her friend Brookie, who's been in the class for a little while, took her hand and led her into Studio 3.  I watched through the window as she followed Miss Donna's every move.  It's a combo class, so she's learning a little ballet, tap, and tumbling.  She did her first headstand, and actually held herself up for a few seconds!  And she cannot wait to get her new ballet slippers and tap shoes next week...tap shoes...that'll be fun, right Chad?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Smartest 4-year-old ever.

Today as we were driving home in the setting sun, Bree pointed to some dark, gray clouds and said,

"Look Mom, rain clouds."
Me: "You think it's going to rain tonight?"
Bree: "Yes, those are rain clouds.  Those are nimbo-stratus clouds."

What the?!

We learned about all kinds of weather in our last preschool unit, including different types of clouds.  I was sure that terms like cumulus and nimbo-stratus went over their heads.  I can't believe she not only remembered such a sophisticated term, but she actually remembered what it meant!
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