Monday, June 27, 2011


  • After complaining about how out of shape I am for the past few weeks (and after gaining 5 pounds during our latest vacation) I officially started my own P90X exercise regime, and am on a healthy eating plan.  Weigh-in was scary (40 pounds to lose).  The "before" picture is atrocious.  But my determination is there, and Chad is doing it along-side me (though he started a couple months ago, so he's way ahead). 
  • Paperwork.  There's always something to fill out and someone to call.  I can't keep all the acronyms straight: DDD, DES, AZLTC, ACCCHS, and that's not including the cardiologists and the geneticist and figuring out what insurance will or won't cover.  Thankfully, the only mild concern with Lincoln's health at this point is a patent ductus arteriosus, which is present in all babies in utero, and can sometimes take a few weeks to close on its own.  So we'll do another echocardiogram in a few months to check on it again.
  • Chad and I are already planning our 10-year anniversary (December is a ways away, but if you know Chad, you know he likes to plan ahead).  So today I'm in charge of booking a room in an awesome B&B in Sedona, complete with in-room fireplace and 2-person jacuzzi tub.
  • Putting the finishing touches on our weekly menu, purchasing a bountiful basket (fruits and veggies) for this Saturday, and making a grocery list so I can go shopping this afternoon when Chad gets home.  I was a little too distracted this year to stagger plantings in my garden, so our harvests are sporadic.  And we eat salad like crazy, and since it's too hot now for lettuce in the garden, I need to stock up at the store.  But there has been a good amount of squash already, a few bunches of carrots, several treasured handfuls of super-sweet strawberries, and maybe a dozen or so green beans.  I'm sad to see only 3 corn cobs amid all those stalks.  That's what I get for buying cheap seeds at Walmart instead of Burpee brand.  But the tomatoes...oh, the plants are laden with fruit just waiting to turn red.  I have visions of fresh salsa in our future.
  • I'm reading The Help.  After reading the first four pages last night, I turned to Chad all excited-like, and said, "I'm going to really like this book.  I can just tell."
  • I'm keeping all the window blinds closed, lights off, and ceiling fans humming in an attempt to stay cool despite the 109 degree weather out there.
  • I need to get the number for the Dodge service center so we can take our truck in.  What's the only thing we've had to get fixed on this truck?  The automatic window motors.  Seriously.  We close the door, and the window drops out of sight, never to come up again.  We've fixed the driver's side window twice, and the rear left window pooped out just as we were packing to come home from Vegas last week.  We never roll the windows down, so I'm guessing it's because we slam our doors (ahem, Chad).
  • Lincoln is all smiley today (I have yet to capture it on camera), and he is playing with his hanging toys, grabbing them on accident, then acting all surprised when they move when his hand does.  I've been trying to no avail to get him to repeat the roll-over event of last week.  "Roll over!  Roll over Lincoln!"  Chad: He's not a dog, Meg.  At any rate, he's gaining impressive head lift and control, even if he's holding out on me with the rolling-over thing.  

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Vegas Adventures

    The words "Vegas Adventures" mean something very different to our family than it might to your average Vegas-goer.  We don't visit the casinos, (unless that's where our chosen restaurant or movie theater is housed), and our version of playing the slots is letting our kids man-handle the video games at Red Robin.

    Instead of the local nightlife, we enjoy the local wildlife.

    Las Vegas cuisine at its finest: homemade Margherita and BBQ chicken pizzas on the grill.

    We're the only couple who would go on a date in the Venetian pushing a baby stroller.

    We prefer private pools to topless resort pools.

    The only thrill rides we experience are the blow-up slides at Pump-it-Up.

    And family time is important too.

    Not your typical Vegas Vacation, but that's the way we like it.
    June 16-21, 2011

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Lied Children's Museum

    Two years ago, on one of our visits to Vegas, we went with Sydney and her kids to the Lied Children's Museum for the first time.  I loved it.  This time around, we took advantage of Zackary's family pass and got in free!  Bree got so much more out of the experience this time, since she is actually old enough to figure out the interactive exhibits.  She also made an instant friend, with whom she spent a lot of time playing (typical Bree).  And Mason, who was just 13 months last time, was in three-year-old heaven this time.  Chad and I divided our attention between Mason and Bree, since they have different interests.  I can't believe how much energy Mason has; he never got tired of running around (the fact that he gets "tired" so quickly during walks is obviously just evidence that he's bored...I don't think I've ever seen him truly physically exhausted).

    Our Vegas visit was supposed to include a couple days up at Mt. Charleston with the Leas, camping and enjoying the cooler weather.  But we nixed that idea at the last minute.  So the kids had to content themselves at the museum.

    I think they were mollified.  There was plenty of adventure to be had here.

    And new skills to learn.

    Skills included me figuring out how to take pictures with my new camera in the museum's terrible lighting.  I was pretty satisfied with the results, especially compared with the pictures from our last visit (oh, the terrible flash!).

    There was boy stuff.

    And girl stuff.

    And we were very glad we went.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Milestone conquered.

    Yesterday Lincoln rolled from his tummy to his back.  At two months old.  I'm just sayin'.

    2-month stats:
    11 lbs, 2 oz
    22 inches

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Choosing to Smile

    This was just one of Lincoln's many appointments.  We have been very lucky, because Lincoln hasn't had any of the major medical problems that often accompany Down Syndrome.  His heart is healthy, he eats well, and is a great sleeper.  But Lincoln's needs have introduced us to a whole new schedule of baby appointments.  One of which includes making sure his heart continues to function well.  So, at two months old he visited the cardiologist for a EKG and echo-cardiogram.  Bree insisted on coming in with us, and held on to Lincoln to offer moral support.  He was perfect and calm through the long appointment.  He seemed far too small to be hooked up to all those leads, and when we were in the ultrasound room I almost lost it, seeing him lying on the hospital gurney.  But I am so thankful that he is healthy. 
    I am told that I will never get used to the appointments.  The hassle of scheduling and referrals.  The worry that goes along with it.  Life is fragile.  This knowledge hovers in the back of my mind now more than ever, and it makes some days difficult to handle.  But it's also given me perspective, and a determination to focus on the good stuff.  So that's why I smile and snap photos like the crazy Mamarazzi, commemorating Lincoln's first EKG as if he were taking his first step.  Because I could look at him lying there and give in to the urge to cry... or I could choose to smile and think, "Look at you. Nothing's going to hold you back. Life is going to be awesome."

    Sunday, June 12, 2011


    Lincoln smiled Thursday for the first time.  A real smile, while he was awake, directed at me, in response to some silly face I was making.  So you know it's official.  He's been trying to smile for about a week now, with a look on his face that let us know he really wanted to smile.  But Thursday he cracked an official, open mouth grin.  And today he gave me several right in a row.  Smiles are part of what makes motherhood amazing.

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Making a Splash

    Bree and Mason love to "swim" at Grandma's house, and they had that chance when we visited this week to celebrate Father's Day early with my dad and grandpa.  Attaching the water hose to the slide with a bungee cord makes a great water slide, and the inflatable kiddie pool at the bottom provides hours of fun.  
    And I should know by now that I can't pull out my camera without this happening:
    I am so glad that Mason no longer freaks out when he gets water in his face.  He used to do this frantic head-shake, hands-swiping-face thing.  Now he loves it.
    A day of playing outside wouldn't be complete without at least one injury.  Mason tripped over his towel, fell, and scraped his nose.
    Seriously, who needs water parks?

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    Breaking up is hard to do.

    Bree: "Mom, I'm breaking up with Calan from getting married."
    Me: "I didn't know you were planning on getting married."
    "Yeah, when I'm 20 I'm getting married, but not to Calan anymore."
    "What did Calan say to you?"
    "He said he wants to marry Lizzy more."
    *Sigh*  "I don't know who I'm going to marry...I guess I'll just have to play with Cora (Calan's sister)."
    "Well, you can still play with Calan, can't you?"
    "Breaking up means not being anyone's true love."
    "Who told you that?"
    "I just figured it out myself."

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    7 Weeks

    A Lucky Visit

    My parents came to visit us on Memorial Day.  They never seem to get enough of my kids.  As Bree says to my mom, "You're so lucky to have grandkids."
    My dad does a little poem with Lincoln about a dog going to Dover, which Mason finds hilarious.

    My mom reads the kids the book their Uncle Jimmy wrote.

    Lucky grandparents.  Lucky kids.

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Butterfly Cupcakes

    The other day my awesome friend brought a few gifts over: a cute Old McDonald's Farm blanket, a book with moveable velcro cars and trucks, and a special edition cupcake magazine.  Bree saw the blanket by Lincoln's crib, and Mason playing with the book, and asked me with a pout, "What did Sister Simmons bring for me Mama?"  I cleverly handed her the magazine and said, "Look at this!  You get to pick your favorite cupcake out of this magazine, and we'll make them together!"  She pored over the pages until she reached these butterfly cupcakes, and was immediately sold.  Luckily, I always seem to have a dozen or more cupcakes in my freezer, left over from a cupcake order where I overestimated batter needs.  So I pulled out some chocolate chip cupcakes, and we got to work.  I knew those candy melts I've been hoarding would come in handy at some point.  And those squeeze bottles made especially for melting candy in the microwave--awesome.  They helped keep the melted candy mess to a minimum as we filled in our pretzel "wings".  Very simple, and pretty darn cute.
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