Monday, June 27, 2011


  • After complaining about how out of shape I am for the past few weeks (and after gaining 5 pounds during our latest vacation) I officially started my own P90X exercise regime, and am on a healthy eating plan.  Weigh-in was scary (40 pounds to lose).  The "before" picture is atrocious.  But my determination is there, and Chad is doing it along-side me (though he started a couple months ago, so he's way ahead). 
  • Paperwork.  There's always something to fill out and someone to call.  I can't keep all the acronyms straight: DDD, DES, AZLTC, ACCCHS, and that's not including the cardiologists and the geneticist and figuring out what insurance will or won't cover.  Thankfully, the only mild concern with Lincoln's health at this point is a patent ductus arteriosus, which is present in all babies in utero, and can sometimes take a few weeks to close on its own.  So we'll do another echocardiogram in a few months to check on it again.
  • Chad and I are already planning our 10-year anniversary (December is a ways away, but if you know Chad, you know he likes to plan ahead).  So today I'm in charge of booking a room in an awesome B&B in Sedona, complete with in-room fireplace and 2-person jacuzzi tub.
  • Putting the finishing touches on our weekly menu, purchasing a bountiful basket (fruits and veggies) for this Saturday, and making a grocery list so I can go shopping this afternoon when Chad gets home.  I was a little too distracted this year to stagger plantings in my garden, so our harvests are sporadic.  And we eat salad like crazy, and since it's too hot now for lettuce in the garden, I need to stock up at the store.  But there has been a good amount of squash already, a few bunches of carrots, several treasured handfuls of super-sweet strawberries, and maybe a dozen or so green beans.  I'm sad to see only 3 corn cobs amid all those stalks.  That's what I get for buying cheap seeds at Walmart instead of Burpee brand.  But the tomatoes...oh, the plants are laden with fruit just waiting to turn red.  I have visions of fresh salsa in our future.
  • I'm reading The Help.  After reading the first four pages last night, I turned to Chad all excited-like, and said, "I'm going to really like this book.  I can just tell."
  • I'm keeping all the window blinds closed, lights off, and ceiling fans humming in an attempt to stay cool despite the 109 degree weather out there.
  • I need to get the number for the Dodge service center so we can take our truck in.  What's the only thing we've had to get fixed on this truck?  The automatic window motors.  Seriously.  We close the door, and the window drops out of sight, never to come up again.  We've fixed the driver's side window twice, and the rear left window pooped out just as we were packing to come home from Vegas last week.  We never roll the windows down, so I'm guessing it's because we slam our doors (ahem, Chad).
  • Lincoln is all smiley today (I have yet to capture it on camera), and he is playing with his hanging toys, grabbing them on accident, then acting all surprised when they move when his hand does.  I've been trying to no avail to get him to repeat the roll-over event of last week.  "Roll over!  Roll over Lincoln!"  Chad: He's not a dog, Meg.  At any rate, he's gaining impressive head lift and control, even if he's holding out on me with the rolling-over thing.  


    The Wallace Family said...

    I loved this post! It made me smile :) Good luck with P90X and your garden.


    Frances Wallace said...

    You are getting very funny. Motherhood does that to us all.

    I can't believe your wedding was ten years ago.

    See Mack Snow said...

    I LOVE BOUNTIFUL BASKETS AND THE HELP. and i've also had good experiences with P90X good luck with that, and also, i deliberately bought a car with manual locks and windows because they're always the first thing to break. my nephew got in my car once, pointed to the the spinning handle for the window, and goes, "what's that?" ha ha ha...

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