Monday, June 20, 2011

Lied Children's Museum

Two years ago, on one of our visits to Vegas, we went with Sydney and her kids to the Lied Children's Museum for the first time.  I loved it.  This time around, we took advantage of Zackary's family pass and got in free!  Bree got so much more out of the experience this time, since she is actually old enough to figure out the interactive exhibits.  She also made an instant friend, with whom she spent a lot of time playing (typical Bree).  And Mason, who was just 13 months last time, was in three-year-old heaven this time.  Chad and I divided our attention between Mason and Bree, since they have different interests.  I can't believe how much energy Mason has; he never got tired of running around (the fact that he gets "tired" so quickly during walks is obviously just evidence that he's bored...I don't think I've ever seen him truly physically exhausted).

Our Vegas visit was supposed to include a couple days up at Mt. Charleston with the Leas, camping and enjoying the cooler weather.  But we nixed that idea at the last minute.  So the kids had to content themselves at the museum.

I think they were mollified.  There was plenty of adventure to be had here.

And new skills to learn.

Skills included me figuring out how to take pictures with my new camera in the museum's terrible lighting.  I was pretty satisfied with the results, especially compared with the pictures from our last visit (oh, the terrible flash!).

There was boy stuff.

And girl stuff.

And we were very glad we went.

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