Friday, June 10, 2011

Making a Splash

Bree and Mason love to "swim" at Grandma's house, and they had that chance when we visited this week to celebrate Father's Day early with my dad and grandpa.  Attaching the water hose to the slide with a bungee cord makes a great water slide, and the inflatable kiddie pool at the bottom provides hours of fun.  
And I should know by now that I can't pull out my camera without this happening:
I am so glad that Mason no longer freaks out when he gets water in his face.  He used to do this frantic head-shake, hands-swiping-face thing.  Now he loves it.
A day of playing outside wouldn't be complete without at least one injury.  Mason tripped over his towel, fell, and scraped his nose.
Seriously, who needs water parks?


Julie said...

That looks like a blast! Your kids are so cute!

Frances Wallace said...

They are growing and changing everyday. ADORABLE!

Did you play in the water too?

The Wallace Family said...

I wish we had one of those in the backyard :) Looks like a ton of fun!


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