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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Arrival!

We welcomed Mason Everett Wallace into our family on Saturday, Feb. 2nd at 10:59 am. It was a pretty easy labor, and I didn't have to push long, thank goodness. Mason measured in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 21 inches long. We're both healthy, and doing well, other than Mason's mild jaundice (Bree had it too, thanks to my blood type). So we had to stay an extra day at the hospital to keep an eye on him, but thankfully Banner Gateway was a great place to have a baby. The food was decent (I got to order my own through "room service"), I had internet access via the TV, the nurses were all awesome; my only complaint was the uncomfortable bed, but what can you do? Now we're home, and things couldn't be better. Mason eats like a champ despite being little, Bree LOVES her baby brother, Chad has two weeks off work, and my mom is here helping out while I recover. I feel so incredibly blessed when I look at my little family!


emily said...

You have such a beautiful family. In the pictures with Mason and Chad I could really see how much he looks like his Daddy! I think I'll go shopping today and buy him something cute :o)

Jaime Lea said...

BEAUTIFUL! He's the cutest little guy. I'm so glad you're on top of your blogging so I can get the latest on the newest member of your family.


Melissa said...

Wow! Mason does look a lot like Chad. Congrats again on your new arrival!

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