Friday, February 1, 2008

Meet Kirby

He's the newest member of our family: Kirby. Last night Chad and I had a demo in our home, and not only did we get the carpet in two of our rooms vacuumed and shampooed for free, but we were convinced of the superiority of the Kirby vacuum. We spent a shameful amount on it, but I am so pleased with it. Our good friend Dyson, though good to us in former years, has begun to fail us of late. So we took the generous trade-in allowance and said goodbye. After seeing the amount of dirt, dust, and dead skin that my Dyson had left behind (see second picture), I was eager to clean the rest of my house this morning with my new Kirby. I tried out several attachments, and discovered an improved way to rid my house of the thick layer of dust that I shamefully allow to accumulate. And our bedroom is due for a shampooing, so I'll be able to do that myself too! So now I ask: was this a "want" or a "need"? I'll let you decide.

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