Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Bass Pro Christmas

We went to the Bass Pro Shops again to visit Santa this year, because, first of all, we love going there any time of the year, and secondly, they do an amazing job of creating a winter wonderland at Christmas time.  We were in Mesa on November 30th because Lincoln had a couple doctor appointments, and we decided to crash at my brother's house that night because Lincoln had another appointment the following morning.  So that evening was a great opportunity to spend some time with Adam and Heather, and they came with us to enjoy the festivities.

Bree and Mason had a blast with the array of free activities: arcade-type games, a carousel, and remote control trains and cars. And one of my favorite things about visiting Santa is watching the strangers ahead of us in line. Parents force their crying kids into Santa's lap, or make complete fools of themselves trying to get their infant to look at the camera. I've been there too, of course. But it is really fun to listen to Bree and Mason tell Santa what they want, and even more fun to hear Bree exclaim on Christmas morning "How did he know?!" when she opens one of Santa's gifts.

He knows. He always knows.

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