Monday, December 12, 2011

Dancing in Whoville

Bree's danced in this year's Christmas recital on the 9th. She has really improved since starting dance in January, and can shuffle-hop-step with the best of them.

I took these photos during her dress rehearsal.

And here she is on the big night (we forgot our nice video cameras, but I was glad my mom brought her little camera so we at least have a recording!).  My friend Mackenzie helped do her hair, which took longer than I thought but turned out so cute!

The night after the recital was Globe's annual Christmas Light Parade, which Bree's dance studio always participates in. Mackenzie and I sewed matching Cindy Lou capes for our girls, and they looked adorable riding in the back of the lighted truck.

And Mason had fun watching the parade too.

The next recital isn't until May, at which point I'll have to drag Chad to the auditorium again to sit through a LONG show in which our daughter only has a few minutes of stage time. But Chad is determined to be the father that always comes to her daughter's events, and the long-term results as far as Bree is concerned will make it all worth-while. And in the meantime, Bree is having a blast.

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The Wallace Family said...

Go Bree! You are way cuter than Cindy Lou Who :)

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