Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmasy Moments

Opening presents from Adam and Heather--Bree and Mason loved their plush puppets.

Enjoying the family of elves my mom made for us (just like we had when we were kids).

Lincoln wearing the Santa hat we had when Bree was his age. 

Snuggling on the couch, drinking cocoa, and watching "Elf."

Bree putting "Baby Jesus" in the "manger."

Opening presents with my parents on Christmas Eve.
They gave Lincoln some bottle buddies.

And of course he preferred playing with the box.

I had taken the kids gift-shopping at the dollar store this year, and I let Bree and Mason pick out presents all by themselves with minimal coaching from me.
Bree got my dad a pair of pliers.

Mason gave him some crazy glasses.

My mom received a loofah from Bree and a Winnie the Pooh puzzle from Mason. Both grandparents were gracious and good sports. It was a great opportunity to teach the kids that presents are about showing others that we care, not about getting every exact thing that we want.

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