Saturday, May 12, 2012

Right this moment...

  • I'm enjoying some quiet time to blog while Chad has the kids in the other room, where I'm pretty sure they are wrapping gifts and making homemade cards for Mother's Day (Chad came out and asked where the decorative scissors are).
  • I'm happy that we had a chance to take some family pictures this morning. I figured I should put my own nice camera to good use, and my parents were in town to join us. I really hope we got some good shots.
  • I am so incredibly tired of dieting. I've been on a 1200-calorie diet for almost 3 months (with a little splurge here and there). I've lost 21 pounds so far doing this Biggest Loser Challenge (a grand total of 34 pounds this year). I'm on the home stretch, determined to win the grand prize. Every day I tell myself, "Only ___ more days to go." The next 12 days can't go by fast enough.
  • I'm reading Huck Finn, because we own it, because I have a goal to read a book a week, and because Chad told me it's a good book. It's not. I'm so bored.
  • I'm very glad it's Chad's 3-day weekend, and that for the next few months he'll be enjoying a work schedule that allows him to come to church with us.
  • I'm excited/nervous for my Primary kids to sing for Mother's Day tomorrow. It's a beautiful arrangement of "I Often Go Walking," with a harmony part that the Young Women will sing with us.
  • I love how my garden is growing. I'm glad that I splurged on some flowers this year. I've been enjoying their color as I've waited for my lilies and daffodils to emerge. And I keep forgetting that I have an abundance of fresh herbs in the garden too. I bought a package of ugly basil at the store yesterday, and a couple weeks ago I went next door to borrow some oregano for my spaghetti.
  • Lincoln is napping right now, but when he wakes, he'll continue to delight us with the perpetual good mood he's been in ever since he got over a stomach bug earlier this week. Since he's been feeling better, he chuckles constantly, for no apparent reason. And Chad taught him to clap, which is the coolest.
  • My dishes are all clean, thanks to my mom.
  • Now it's time to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous Saturday.


Heather said...

21 lbs is incredible! You can do it...12 days is nothing compared to what you've already endured!

Jaime Lynne said...

I second Heather. Way to go. I love posts like this... honest little glimpses into the dailiness of your life.

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