Friday, May 18, 2012


For Bree's birthday last month, we gave her a Butterfly Garden, along with a book about the life cycle of the butterfly. She loves animals, and she couldn't wait to receive her larva (caterpillars) in the mail. We watched the tiny critters grow and get fat, and waited for "Chrysalis Day" with great anticipation. Bree learned words like metamorphosis, and the difference between a chrysalis and cocoon. And luckily, we were learning about insects in our kindergarten curriculum at the same time. When the butterflies hatched, we enjoyed watching them drink the sugar water. Then it was time to let them free, and hope we'd raised them to be good adult butterflies.

Bree was very gentle as she let each one crawl onto her finger so she could take them out of the habitat, then set them free. All in all, it was a huge success.


The Wallace Family said...

I've always wanted to do that. In fact, I think we tried once, but something went awry (is that how you spell it?).

Jaime Lynne said...

Fabulous pictures, Meg. You've inspired us to do the same. Thank you.

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