Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mason's Excellent Adventure

Last year, Bree went to Washington with my parents for a fun-filled week. This summer, it was Mason's turn. (Our house was much quieter without our whirlwind of a four-year old.) When I asked him what he did on his vacation to Washington, he said went to the store and bought Legos. And he played with said Legos. My mom said that, although he had fun everywhere they went, he'd often request to go back to my parents' house so he could play with his Legos. It's an obsession.

At any rate, I'm posting all of the photos from his adventure, along with his narration. He didn't recollect all the details about the whats and wheres, and he often resorts to saying "I don't know," before he even thinks. Must be a boy thing. I really enjoyed reviewing the pictures with him, and I could tell he had a blast. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Me: What was this from?
 Mason: It was from the park...I was sliding on the slide--two times!

What about here?
That is Washington...and I'm on the window.
Was this at Papa's office?
Um, yeah.
What did you do there?
Um...I don't know.

What's this?
Um, It's me in the log. It was an underground log.

Where was this at?
Um, I don't know. It was a park. Well, a different park that I said.

Hey, that's me in the whale.

That's me in the fireman's truck.
And what were you doing?
Driving it.
And what are you wearing?
It's a fireman hat.

And here's the other one, we did another people. (Bree interjects: "Person.") I mean person...that's me in the bus. And it has a gas, so I could drive it. I was driving it too.

And this is me buying some food. But not real food. Fake food...And I was buying milk.
And did you have to pay for it?
Um, yeah.
With real money?
Ye-, no.
Just pretend money?
Yeah. It was...I don't know what color it was.

Oh! That's me on the musical round.
(Bree interjects again: "I think you're on a girl horse.")
That's a boy horse. It's a little guy.

Oh! That's the big-tailed macaw.
A big-tailed macaw?
Uh, no (laughing). What is it?
It's a peacock.
I mean a peacock. Thaaat is a peacock.

Oh! Aaand I don't know what that is.
It looks like you're inside some kind of sea creature.
It is a sea creature. And there was a spider web there. And you gotta move there (a request to zoom in on the web-shaped climbing ropes in the upper left corner of the picture).

And that was me just feeding a animal. It was like in a barn.
What kind of animal?
I don't know--It's a goat! A black one. And you gotta do the other goat now.
I was doing that goat too.
You were doing what?
I was doing that goat.
You were feeding him?
He has a beard.
Hee-hee, yeah! Mm-hm, so weird! And he liked that food. It was...what kind of food was that?
Goat food?
Oh yeah, goat food.

And that was me dressing up in...sea...dresses...and I don't know what that one is.
What does it look like you were dressing up as?
A squid...I'm like in a squid.

A octopus!

 A shark mouth! Actually a dinosaur mouth. I'm gonna get eaten! I was gonna get eaten by the mouth.

And that's me at the zoo.
(Bree: "What are those little things, I wonder.")
Um, they're penguins.

And that's a ginormous seal.
I think it's actually a walrus.
A warl-, yes that was a...walrus?

A shark! Shark! Sharks. Those are sharks.
Did you like the sharks?
Or were they scary?
They are scary! SO scary. SUPER scary! Rooaaaar! Hee-hee. Did I scare you on that one?

And that's me being on a horse.
(Bree: "Was it named Rocket?")
Um, I don't think so.
Is that Uncle Bob's horse?
(Bree: "So it IS Rocket. It IS Rocket, Mason.")
It IS Rocket.

What's happening in this picture?
Um, I'm...riding on the grass of the horse. Uh...Rocket, he has the hair gone over his eyes.

And that's me at the beach. That's me at the beach, Mom.
And I'm in the sand. That was me making a sand castle, but it keept making a point.
What do you mean it kept making a point?
Uh, I don't know what that means.
Um, that's the sand at the beach. And we were going down under...even we were going down under the bridges (piers), where we could see WAY up high. Then we goded down.

And what were you doing here?
I was throwing rocks, and looking at the sea.

What about here?
That is just, I was looking at the rocks. And we were--Mom do the one that we were finding shells. (A request to see a nonexistent picture of him finding shells; though he did gather and bring home shells)

And that was me under the bridge (pier). That was me under the bridge, Mom.

And, I was wearing the Avengers shirt.

Did you want to see the ones where we bought the Legos? But she (Grandma) didn't take a picture of me doing that. But she should of.

May 2nd-8th, 2012


Jaime Lynne said...

Love, love, LOVE this post. I could hear the voices of Bree and Mason, and even you, in my head as I read it. So cool.

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed throughout this post! It so well captures the little personalities! Papa W

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