Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This boy and his trains

Thomas.  Percy.  Duncan.  Arthur.  

Mason lives and breathes his toy train engines.  I cannot keep my living room floor free of them.  And the endless supply of track that comes with them.  And train cars.  And a train station, and a bridge, and a zip line. 
Santa brought Mason his first motorized Thomas the Train set this last Christmas, when it took all the men present to correctly assemble the track.  Since then, Mason has mastered the art of setting up the track on his own.  Hence his semi-permanent residence on my living room floor.
He takes the occasional break, when I assume he daydreams about trains.
"I wish I had lots and LOTS of trains.  We need to go to the store and buy more trains."

Mason often lies down right next to his track to get as close to the action as possible.
 He probably does this so Thomas appears huge and life-like.  Like when I was little and I'd stick my head in Barbie's house.

"Mom, do you like trains?"
"Mom, can you help me build a giant train track?  Pleeease?"
Oh, Mason.  How can I say no?  And what's that on your chin?


The Wallace Family said...

haha, I use to do that with my barbie's too :) That is so precious! Mason is adorable :)


Rachel H. said...

I think Thomas is an expensive racket, and the old movies creep me out! That being said, my boys love love love trains too, do the same thing to watch the wheels and "chugga chuggas" as they call them. Thomas, Geotracks, generic wooden toys trains, train movies- the joy of boys!

Frances Wallace said...

I love him so much!

See Mack Snow said...

Your new camera is awesome.

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