Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dress-up lessons

I had nothing to do with what went on here.  I swear, Chad.  Bree was the instigator. 

I did, however, laugh when I saw this:
Mason's first instance of dress-up.  And his dress is on backwards to boot.  Unfortunately for my masculine and appropriately appalled husband, I kept laughing at Mason, which will undoubtedly ensure many more dress-up days in his future.

Bree, sporting the hat she designed for her dance recital:
I had found a nice hot pink hat for her to decorate with flowers, but she asked me if I could spray-paint it black, "You know, so it's more fashion-modely."  And I obliged, because I always have black spray paint on hand, which I use to prevent our wrought-iron fence from fading and/or rusting in our crazy Arizona weather.

Mason practices a bashful pose for the camera:
Bree does her impression of America's Next Top Model (she sneaks into the room while I'm watching that's like a moth to a flame).
And Mason tries to copy her.

Perhaps deep down Mason knows how much what he's doing pains his father.  Or maybe he has some idea of how embarrassed he will be when he's 16 and these pictures resurface.

And he shows the proper amount of shame.

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