Monday, May 9, 2011

Mmmmother's day

I'm not big into Mother's Day in the "I'm a mother! Spoil me!" kind of way.  I usually try to do something special for my mom, but really, that should be a regular occurrence anyway.

But Chad loves to spoil me, so I'm okay with that.  Especially when it means that he makes me breakfast.
 Sunday mornings are hectic enough, getting ready for 9:00am church, but this week was also my first week back after we welcomed Lincoln into our home, and Chad is on his evening work schedule which means he didn't get home until midnight Saturday.  But there he was at 7:00am, cutting potatoes and mixing up chocolate chip pancakes, and catching the BBQ grill on fire because I didn't want to smell like bacon but he really wanted to make me bacon because I love eating it.  And it was delicious.  And I love him.

1 comment:

Frances Wallace said...

I'm so proud of my son. He really adores you, Megan.

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