Saturday, May 28, 2011

Everything is cuter...

Having a new camera has made me snap-happy.  Suddenly everything my kids do is super-cute.  Usually Mason just dresses himself, but since he hasn't mastered the art of buttoning, he came out to the living room asking me for help.  I, being the helpful soul that I am, just started taking pictures.  (I did do the buttoning when it got that far)

Because everything is cuter through the lens of my new camera.

And it doesn't hurt that every time I sit down to try to figure out the settings on my camera, the kids jump all over me, asking me to take their picture.  And they really get into the posing thing.  My zany three-year-old will actually sit still so I can take his picture.
Wonder how long that will last.  And I wonder what's on his chin?

And Bree has to get in on the action.  She always has to do some funky pose.  Again, it's my fault for letting her watch America's Next Top Model over my shoulder...those gals do some pretty funky posing.  Maybe nothing quite like this though.

And this little stunt is definitely a nod to the episode where the models are in Morocco and have to balance tea trays with candles on their heads.

So although I cringe when she says, "I want to be a top model when I grow up," I have to admit that it's nice to have kids that love the camera.  It makes it so much easier to capture the cuteness that they radiate.

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