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Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Vacation (for real)

First stop, Willcox! I wanted to see what Rex Allen Days was all about (he was a singer/rodeo cowboy who became famous, and the town has dedicated a weekend to him every year to celebrate all things cowboy). So we started out at the little carnival, and had a ridiculously overpriced lunch. But, on the up side, Bree got to ride her first ever "boat merry-go-round," and had her first taste of cotton candy. Both were a big hit. But, we were too tired and cranky to see any more Rex Allen sights, so we got on the road again to make it to our Tombstone campground (a stop for ice cream lifted our spirits too!). October 3rd, 2009.

We spent day two of our trip at Tombstone. I loved the old cowboy town feel, and all the cute buildings. We did some window shopping, watched a silly gun show, toured the oldest original building (The Birdcage Theater), and ate a delicious lunch. The kids loved the petting zoo, especially Mason. And we had a gigantic banana split at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. We visited the Boothill Graveyard at sunset, which was pretty neat; it was especially fun trying to keep Mason from climbing on the rock-covered graves. October 4th, 2009.

Our third day we toured the Kartchner Caverns, which was the hilight of the trip. We toured the beautiful visitors center, and learned about cave formations and the story of the men who discovered the caverns. The caves are so well preserved, thanks to those men and the Kartchner family, and the formations are amazing. The kids were even in awe, and could sense the quiet reverence in the caverns. They are an ancient testiment to the miracle of God's creative powers. October 5th, 2009.

We loved sharing this vacation with the Lea family, and hope this is the beginning of a tradition of Lea/Wallace family vacations. And the trailer was a big success! We had reasonably comfy beds to sleep in, electricity and running water (cold running water, but still). We ate delicious food, and spent hours chatting and playing games. Thank goodness the trailer has the space it does, because when Mason and Bree got rowdy, it was nice to have a back room to shut them in! Little Zackary was a good sport despite the poking, prodding and squealing from my kids! They just couldn't resist such an adorable baby. I'm thankful for the memories we made together. Next time, Grand Canyon?


Frances Wallace said...

You had a great trip! You're making wonderful memories.

Jaime Lynne said...

I hope that the maiden voyage of Travis the Trailer was a happy one. We had a great time. Thanks for including us!

And does the name Travis fit? I'm just trying it out. You've got to think of something clever to name the newest member of your family.

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