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Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been bag-tagged by my amazing friend Mackenzie , so here goes!


1. You have to show your bag.

2. Show all the contents in the bag without cleaning anything out!

3. Bag Tag 5 other people.

This is my diaper bag. Sadly, this is the only bag I have right now. Yep, that's right--no purse. It's all in here:

Contents: (in no particular order)

4 size 4 diapers, 5 newborn diapers, travel container of baby wipes, sandwich bag of tissues, travel pack of tissues (we all have constant runny noses apparently), a burp cloth, 4 breast pads, 2 maxi pads (oh, the glamorous postpartum life), toddler sun glasses, baby hat, 3 snack containers (one with goldfish, one with Apple Jacks, and one empty), one bottle cap (but no bottle), travel Purell, diaper rash cream, changing pad, infant Tylenol, 3 pacifiers, one suction bulb for sucking snot out of little noses, roll of Tums, small bottle of ibuprofen, Mary Kay brochures and business cards, Beauty Blotters (for shiny skin), lip balm, eye drops, gum, wallet, check book, lip case (with lip pencil, lipstick, and 2 lip glosses), note pad (containing various ongoing shopping/wish lists), powder compact, hand cream, and 3 pens.

So that's it--my life in a bag!

So who's next? I bag-tag Jaime, Tara, Emily, and Melissa. Have fun!

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