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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Slip 'n' Slide

I realize that I've been on a video-clip trip lately, but I think they are so much more expressive for all those who don't get to see Bree 'IRL.' This video was taken at my parents house today--it's been gorgeous here, and my parents have worked so hard on their gorgeous yard/lawn; we enjoyed some time out in the sun. We her adoring parents think that Bree is just so cute, and I'm doing my best to capture that on film! (I'm sure I'll get some video of Mason one of these days--he's cute too, but mostly he just lays around, which doesn't make for interesting video!)

1 comment:

Frances wallace said...

You're the best , Megan ! Keep up the good work. I check it everyday. Bree and Mason are adorable.
Love forever, Mom Fran

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