Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today was a good day. Not exciting. Not eventful. But good. I was productive, did plenty of "good mom" stuff, and ate healthy enough to feel good at the end. So yes, at the risk of being redundant, it was good.

I actually started off the day with exercise, which is how I should start all my days, but only have been able to do it twice this week. Then we did chores. I washed and folded. The boys Windexed the sliding glass door (which I obviously had to "touch up" afterwards).

Bree loaded the dishwasher. (She is now capable enough to be relied upon to do a chore properly-- which is huge!)

After lunch the kids watched an old episode of Batman, which reminded me of my days as a kid, watching the show in my brother's tiny room after school. Then while Lincoln napped, Bree and I played with makeup. I did hers (those lashes are to die for!)

And she did mine (I did my own mascara, and verbally coached her on the art of blending, but she did the rest).

Mason waited sort of patiently for us to finish so we could all play Candy Land. Twice. Mason is on an epic losing streak, which has been a wonderful opportunity for him to practice being a good sport. Then we cracked open the brand new jars of Play-Dough, which I bought specifically for the many hot afternoons we will likely spend indoors this summer. I'm not usually a huge Play-Dough fan, but there is something irresistible about that untouched cylinder of dough in a new jar. You know, before the colors have all been mixed into an unsightly orangey-brown; before the clay becomes tough and grainy; and before you start thinking about all the germs that have probably been multiplying in their own private Play-Dough petri dish.

We had dinner, Chad came home, we read scriptures, finished a movie we started last week, and the kids went to bed. The house is passably clean, the dishes are mostly done, and the laundry almost all got folded. That's pretty much as good as I can ask for around here.

It was a good day.

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The Wallace Family said...

Drops of awesomeness :)
Love it!

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