Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer is flying by

The summer is already half over? What? How did this happen? I'm supposed to have a chore system for the kids all worked out. Mason is supposed to be learning all this letters and their sounds. Bree should be practicing her math skills so she doesn't lose them. And I haven't even started on the kitchen chair reupholstery project! What have I been doing with all my time?

My summer "done" list:

Couponing and ad-matching at Walmart.
Going swimming.
Two very quick trips to Vegas for Chad's childhood friend's funeral services.
Visiting with family.
Getting a sinus infection and being useless for a week.
Trips to the library.
Doctors appointments.
Keeping the electricity off between 3-6pm Monday-Friday.
Eating better.
Exercising; trying and mostly failing to go to Boot Camp at 6:30am.
Watching terrible TV shows.
Getting my study/craft room organized, with Chad's (and IKEA's) help.

Being called as Relief Society Secretary.

So, no, it hasn't been a total waste.

After all, I've lost five pounds.

My mom took Bree and me to get pedicures.

We celebrated flag day with a healthy and not-so-tasty dessert. But it looked cute.

We had an impromptu indoor campout. We pretty much just relaxed and read as a family in the tent. After it got darker, we broke out the lantern and the s'mores. The kids had never seen what happens to a marshmallow in the microwave.

We have been focusing a lot on doing things together as a family. We have been reading Fablehaven, which the kids (especially Bree) really enjoy. And we've played board games that would not have necessarily been first on my wish list. But I'm trying to be a little less selfish with my time. As a result, I have not accomplished as many of the things on my to-do list. But that's okay.

Because when the summer is over, two of the kids will be out of my hair at school. Maybe I'll get some stuff done then.

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Jaime Lynne said...

Love the pics of camping in the house. Too bad you don't have a trailer to take camping somewhere away from the heat. :)

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