Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Greatest Show on Earth!

"We're going to the circus? Can I ride the ferris wheel?"
You're thinking of a fair.
"Well, can I play those games to win prizes?"
No, that's a carnival.

Clearly my kids have never been to a circus before.

You know, on the movie Toby Tyler, with Mr. Stubbs the chimp, and the kids who ride on horses? (old, old movie reference, starring Curt Russel as a kid)
"Oh yeah! Will there be tigers?"
Yes! There will definitely be tigers.

And elephants.

And a cool pre-show where we can see the acrobats and jugglers up close.

And though I talk of candied apples, there will be none of those. They must be a thing of circuses past. But you will be good sports.

The elephants will do amazing tricks, the poodles will make you laugh, and the acrobats will cause me to gasp like an idiot when one of them trips over his jump-rope, and I'm convinced he is about to fall off that spinning-wheel-thing and meet an early death. But he won't. And even if he did, the circus has safety nets and big pads on the floor.

It will amaze. It will be a first for all of you, including Chad. And we will be very glad we went.

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The Wallace Family said...

This looks like so much fun! I don't think I've ever been to an actual circus either. Glad that you were able to go and give the kids such a great experience.

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