Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Old vs. New

We've been in this house for almost three months, and I still find myself comparing our new life with our old one. Some things have stayed the same, but many things are different. And we're loving the changes (mostly).

Old house => New house


one story => two story
wood siding => stucco
Good changes:
1170 square feet => 2040 square feet
tiny single car port => two-car garage
3 bedrooms, 2 baths, no play space => 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, office, loft
tiny master bathroom and closet => huge bathroom and walk-in closet
no kitchen island => huge kitchen island
no pantry => large pantry
small windows => tons of light
low ceilings, soffits above cabinets => 9-foot ceilings, 2-story living room
no fenced backyard => large yard with block wall
Not-so-good changes:
mailbox in front of house => locked boxes down the street
nice, newer appliances => original crappy appliances 
deep soaking tub in master => shallow builder's grade tub

Old neighborhood => New neighborhood

mining town built in 1875 => just desert & farms until 2000
population: 7,474 => population: 81,321
old, unique houses => HOA communities
Good changes:
closest shopping: old, tiny Safeway => closest shopping: new Super-Walmart
no great school choices => several great schools
few kids in our ward at church => half our ward is under age 12
crumbling sidewalks and steep hills => new sidewalks and no hills
antique stores, ancient ruins, Mexican food => aquatic parks, farms, horses, shopping
only Dairy Queen for ice cream => 2 fro-yo places, 31 Flavors, Cold Stone
Not-so-good changes:
post office, bank & library 3 minutes away => post office and library 15 minutes away
movie theater 3 minutes away => movie theater 20 minutes away
average July temp: 96 => average July temp: 106

Old lives => New lives
Bree's room was also for office/crafts => Bree has a whole room to call her own
Lincoln didn't get to play outside much => we have a safe yard and a park down our block
Mason couldn't access toys during Lincoln's naps => all the boys' toys now live in the loft
Chad was not happy with some aspects of work => Chad really likes his new sergeant and patrol area
I loved my calling as Primary Chorister => I know I'll love my new calling as RS Secretary
home schooling => real school this fall
routines, craziness, excitement, calm => pretty much more of the same


Jaime Lynne said...

Congratulations again on the new place, though I will always love and miss your old one. Can't wait to see it in person.

The Wallace Family said...

Ya - what Jaime said!

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