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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

7 goals in 5 days?

Somehow my 30th year got away from me. It might have something to do with my three crazy kids, and the fact that home-schooling a first-grader has left me gasping for breath the since August started. I really should have worked on more goals earlier on in the year, because it's been crunch time lately.

I recently finished goal #6: Read the Book of Mormon.

So here is what I'm looking at:
  1. Paint the exterior of my house (I started this project 3 or 4 years ago, and am still not finished)
  2. Sing in a recital
  3. Make bagels
  4. Set up irrigation to my peach and pear tree and blackberry bush (I'd really like to have fruit this year!)
  5. Sew a dickie (to make those v-neck shirts more modest)
  6. Read the Book of Mormon
  7. Pay for a stranger's meal
  8. Publish my 2010 Blog Book
  9. Take an inventory of my food storage
  10. Take a family name to the temple
  11. Display recent family photos in my home
  12. Attend a theater performance
  13. Write a children's book
  14. Watch a film from the AFI Top 100 list that I've never seen before
  15. Make cottage cheese
  16. Write the story of how Chad and I met and fell in love
  17. Read The Grapes of Wrath
  18. Donate used books to my library
  19. Write a thank you note to someone from my past
  20. Turn off all electronics for 24 hours
  21. Bear my testimony in church
  22. Invite someone I'd like to know better over for dinner
  23. Don't eat out (or take out) for a month
  24. Bake and give goodies to my mail carrier
  25. Leave a $5 bill and a note inside a library book
  26. Make Thai food
  27. Surprise Date Night
  28. Don't complain for a whole week (remember, these are goals, not strict requirements)
  29. Make a list of places I'd like to visit during my lifetime
  30. Donate blood
I've been working on the children's book, and I'm hoping to have a rough draft done. A very rough draft, but still, it's something. And the blood donation will have to go on next year's list. Blood drives don't happen all that often around here, and there were none in the month of December. That's what I get for waiting until the last minute.

So, there are 5 days left in the year. I'm going to try to make it!


Jaime Lynne said...

Come on. You can do it!!!

Frances Wallace said...

Go Megan! I stand all amazed.

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