Friday, December 7, 2012

#24, #26, and #28

With only about three weeks of the year left, I have my work cut out for me to finish my list of goals!

#24: Bake and give goodies to my mail carrier (she totally deserves it--she is always smiling and friendly, and waits for us to answer the door when she has mail that won't fit in the mailbox).

Chad and I have been baking up a storm. He has proven to be quite the adept candy-maker, churning out peanut brittle, fudge, and almond roca like a pro. While he was stirring boiling sugary substances at the stove, I made pecan tassies, pumpkin-streusel cake, pretzel turtles, sugar cookies, and sweet Chex mix. Our mail lady was presented with quite an impressive array of treats.

#26: Make Thai food

I chose to make Coconut-Curry Tilapia. I had a hard time finding red curry paste in my town, but that was the most difficult thing about this recipe. Fresh flavors, simple, and not too spicy.

Photo and recipe from Cooking Light (I used much more sauce on mine!)
#28: Don't complain for a whole week

I didn't actually make it the whole week with no complaints, but I did learn about my complaining habits. I had to remember to pay attention to what I was saying, and I realized that I complain most often about my sinus/allergy problems, and the kids' misbehavior. I also found that there is a fine line between complaining and simply pointing out the facts (e.g., Chad: "How was your day?" Me: "Bree had a bad attitude during school today."). I think I just need to work on complaining less about the little things that the kids do that bug me, and only point out the major infractions that need attention.

I'm sure I complained about other things, but I can't remember!


Jaime Lynne said...

Your mail lady is the luckiest mail lady in the whole wide world. That plate looks delicious.

The Wallace Family said...

What a great idea!
We just got your peanut brittle. Yummy ~ thank you so much!!

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