Friday, November 14, 2008

5th Folder, 5th Photo

This tag was quick and easy, and a fun little surprise. The tag is to post the 5th Photo of the 5th Folder in your MY PICTURES. (I only had 2 photos in that folder, so I posted the 2nd one)

Fran, you're going to love this! Don't cry. Whoops, too late. Remember July 21st, 2005? When your children and grand-children started moving away in droves? Well, you thought it would be funny to pack your granny-rocking-chair in Mike's truck so they'd take you with them to Missouri, Beverly Hillbilly style. And then Chad and I moved to Arizona a few months later. We swear, it was nothing personal! It seems so long ago that we were all in Vegas together. But don't worry, we won't forget you! We're very loyal, and show our kids pictures of you on a regular basis so they'll know who you are. We love you!

I tag anyone who is curious as to what's in their 5th folder!


Frances Wallace said...

I am crying! Wow, all the memories are flooding though my brain. I miss everyone so bad.
Megan, you are wonderful for always making Daddy and me feel loved and not forgotten.
Get back here right now!
Love G-Ma Fran

The Wallace Family said...

The picture makes it seem longer ago than it acutally was. Seeing this encouraged me to go back and look through my old photo files and it brought back so many memories!!!!

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