Friday, September 26, 2008

Kenzie's TAG

10 years ago I:
Was starting my junior year of high school, which was actually my freshman year of college, since I was a "Running Start" sellout, and got my AA and HS diploma at the same time. I vaguely remember early mornings driving to GRCC in Kristina's VW, taking a horrific 8:00am history class (sitting in darkness trying to keep my mind focused on the endless supply of transparencies and monotone lectures that our instructor had). I had also just said goodbye to my missionary boyfriend, to whom I wrote faithfully for a while, and then took full advantage of his advice that I date lots of guys while he was gone.
5 things on today's "to do" list:
1. Practice for the duet I'm singing with Amy in church this Sunday
2. Get a facial (haven't had one in years, and although pore extractions make me cry, they are so necessary)
3. Take a nap since Chad doesn't work 'til 4pm
4. Make phone calls related to RS pres duties
5. Go to Walmart for fun, since there's not much else to do in Globe on a Friday night
5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Popcorn--I should eat only Smart Pop, but my fave is pan-popped in Butter Crisco
2. Cheese and crackers
3. Pretty much anything chocolate that I happen to have
4. Yoplait Smooth and Creamy Light yogurt, any flavor
5. Fruit--apples and peaches mostly, sometimes canned pears
5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Build my dream house somewhere with perfect weather
2. Build a house for all my parents to live nearby (close, but not too close)
3. Fund medical research
4. Buy Chad a boat, a truck of his own, and a separate computer, so he'll stop asking.
5. Visit somewhere out of this country (Ensenada doesn't really count, does it?), or even just the East Coast, or Florida would do fine
5 places I have lived:
1. Auburn, WA
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. North Las Vegas, NV (yes, it's a separate town, but only technically)
4. Redington, AZ (this is not actually a town)
5. Globe, AZ
Five jobs I have had:
1. "Fit Technician" at an athletic shoe store (read: sales person with the extra bonus of actually putting the shoe on your foot and lacing it up)
2. "College" intern (remember Running Start?) working for the same investment company my dad did, doing computer stuff like data entry and cleanup, and some basic beta testing of programs; $10 an hour was a lot of money for a high-school kid!
3. Live-in nanny (very similar to "Nanny Diaries" minus the sluttiness)
4. Pawn shop attendant (sat behind the bullet proof glass and everything)
5. Collections agent, as in *rrring*, "Hello sir, this is an attempt to collect a debt"
(I ran out of room to put RN, but that wasn't as exciting as those other things)
I tag: whomever. I know a few people read my blog, so if you participate, it will prove to me your devotion! Just answer the above questions, and be as embarrassingly honest as I have.


The Wallace Family said...

Hmmm didn't know you wrote to a missionary... always learning new things!

Good luck on the nap!

Anonymous said...

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