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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The ABCs of me

Here's me in a nutshell - er - alphabet.

Arizona. My beloved home for the last 8 years.
Baking. It's an obsession.
Cupcakes. Mine are delicious.
Dust mites. I am severely allergic to them. And grasses and trees.
Eating. Clearly I am a big fan.
Friends. I am realizing that I need to feel like I am friends with everyone around me.
Games. I enjoy board games. Especially word-centered ones.
Habits. I have a few bad ones, including biting my cuticles.
Interests. I have a lot of them. There is never enough time for all of them.
Jewelry. I love fashion jewelry, the fun trendy kind.
Kids. I adore mine. Other peoples' can be okay too.
Laugh. If I do it hard enough, I snort.
Movies. I love them. I own a lot of them. I use any excuse to watch them.
Nine hours. That's how much sleep I need every night. How I wish I was a seven-hour person.
Opera. Sometimes I sing really loud at home. Opera style.
Perfectionist. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. But having small kids has mellowed me.
Quietude. It has become a rare and highly valued commodity.
Reading. I make time for it.
Sunshine. I require a daily dose to feel happy.
Tea parties. I don't drink tea, but I love the idea of tea time with cute cups and tiny sandwiches.
Undershirts. Layering tees and tanks under my clothes really bugs me, but sometimes it's a necessary evil.
Vacations. If I had more money, this is where I would spend it.
Water. I carry a stainless steel bottle of water with me wherever I go.
eXotic locations. I drool over travel brochures.
Yawning. When I'm sleepy, I yawn frequently and violently.
Zero. The number of pull-ups I can do. Sigh.

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Jaime Lynne said...

I love this. Might steal it.

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