Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scenes of Christmas

December began in earnest, with a Christmas concert at Bree and Mason's school. I hated that we couldn't see Bree during her performance. She was on the floor--I barely caught a glimpse of her when she stood on her toes. But I loved that we were treated to "Away in a Manger," and "Silent Night," and a Hanukkah song (I didn't realize that the kids were singing in Hebrew until half-way through the song). I love our Charter School.


I think Chad and I began our little Christmas Village venture about 10 years ago. I know for a fact that it was before we had kids, and I'm pretty sure we were living in our house in North Las Vegas. We bought four or five ceramic buildings at Walmart, and we started painting. I remember getting paint on our hand-me-down sofa (which was later reupholstered), and that it wouldn't wash out. Chad mixed a custom green for the one-room schoolhouse. I painted the blue and white Victorian-style house.That seems like a lifetime ago.

We added a few more buildings over the years, but with kids now in the picture, the painstaking painting project got more difficult to devote time to. Luckily, this year we moved into a home with a room I can use just for my office and crafts! I am loving it! It's much easier to work with paint when I'm not constantly worried that little two-year-old fingers are going to get involved.

And finally, it's finished. I am in love with it.

We have decorated gingerbread houses in the past, but due to our lack of space the beautiful results got relegated to the top of our fridge. But this year my mom bought two for our family, after I reassured her that there is SO much space on our kitchen island for them to be displayed. Bree designed one, and Chad designed the other. Mason ate candy, and I spilled a little packet of tiny red and green sugar balls all over the table and floor. I also made some wicked-cool icing icicles.


We made the drive to the Bass Pro Shops for a visit to Santa and his Winter Wonderland. We were very miffed to learn that we didn't have the option to wait in line without a Bass Pass, and the next Bass Pass time was 4 hours away. Not to mention that the "elf" at the counter got snippy after we told him that the policy should be on the website (which I had previously checked, of course). So, sadly, we didn't get to see Santa. The kids did have fun playing with the free toys and writing letters to Santa. But we most likely won't be back next year. *tear*


We went to see the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights again this year. They are truly breathtaking. However...if we go again next year, we will go on a weeknight since my dad, brother, and I are all borderline agoraphobics.

We spent Christmas at my parents' house this year. We played games, ate WAY too much food, and enjoyed our time together. We also passed some delightful germs around, but that's what the winter holidays are about, after all.

The kids got new Christmas outfits for church. Bree was ecstatic. Mason tried to be a good sport.

We celebrated my mom's birthday a few days late, but we wanted to wait 'til we were all together. I made a chocolate layer cake with ganache frosting and chocolate bark. It was amazing. And rich. It should come with a warning: "Have a glass of milk in close proximity before consuming."

I don't know how many times Papa read The Foot Book to Lincoln. He never gets tired of being read to.
He did, however get tired.

Mom got us matching Christmas pajamas again this year. They were adorable and comfy. She even surprised Zelda with a set of her own doggy PJs.

The gifts were generous and plentiful. The kids were excited to get so many things on their wish lists. Lincoln was enthralled with his play kitchen (Chad wasn't too excited about that gift...or the baby doll for that matter... but it is such a great way for him to practice imaginative play and learn to do things in order). Bree and Mason tried out their bikes in the courtyard. Bree was wishing her bike had come with training wheels that first day, but we knew she was ready for a step up.

It was an eventful week. We came home exhausted, recovering from our (*ahem*) intestinal illnesses, but with many fond memories.

This was truly a wonderful Christmas season. One of my all-time favorites.

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Jaime Lynne said...

I love the pajama pics. And you guys make some amazing gingerbread houses. Ours never turn out looking like anything but a green and red pile of sugar.

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