Thursday, January 3, 2013

31 Things in my 31st Year

Even though I was one goal shy of completing my list last year, I figure 29 out of 30 isn't too shabby, and I loved the feeling of accomplishment I had looking at my completed list. So often I look back at the past week/month/year, and wonder where the heck all my time went! Having lists of items that have been crossed off, as well as writing this blog, reminds me that I have done some worth-while things. My memory isn't necessarily terrible, but it does need a significant amount of jogging.

So, I'm continuing on in my quest to feel satisfied and accomplished with my life. I like New Year's Day. I enjoy the feeling of a fresh start, and the prospect of an empty calendar, waiting to be filled with only the best goals and activities. Chad and I have both reflected on the year, and have agreed on some things we'd like to work on together to improve things in our family, to make our home more peaceful. This year had many great memories, but in all honesty, things have been really rough since first grade started at the beginning of August. I have yet to find a way to balance homeschooling with everything else without becoming a crazy person. So, needless to say, several of my goals revolve around making our home less crazy, and more of a peaceful, enjoyable place to be.

So, here they are, in no particular order:
  1. Organize my recipe binder (That dessert section needs to be divided into sub-categories!)
  2. Make ricotta cheese
  3. Make a pumpkin roll
  4. Can butter
  5. Give sweet rolls to someone
  6. Donate blood
  7. Finish 2011 blog book
  8. Digitize my bin of old photos
  9. Organize and consolidate my old half-filled, half-finished scrapbooks
  10. Complete the "ABCs of Me" challenge
  11. Assemble bug-out bags for the family (extreme 72-hour kits)
  12. Move
  13. Index 20 names a month, for a total of 240 names
  14. Attend the temple at least eight times
  15. Reconcile my parents' books of remembrance with
  16. Read the Book of Mormon 
  17. Establish a chore routine for the kids, with allowance
  18. Take the family hiking
  19. Go camping in a place we've never been
  20. Establish a daily schedule for the family, including home-school, preschool, and therapy
  21. Play 12 different board games with my family
  22. Go to a baseball game with Chad
  23. Remain at or under my goal weight for longer than one month
  24. Do 20 real pushups with good form
  25. Learn to draw a cartoon person, worthy of a children's book illustration
  26. Finish painting Christmas village
  27. Read 52 books
  28. Watch a documentary
  29. No TV or movies for one week
  30. Eat Brazilian food
  31. Send flowers to someone


The Wallace Family said...

I made a list of 42 things... I figured if I actually made a list I might do some of them :) Thanks for inspiring me.

Frances Wallace said...

My daughter-in-laws are amazing! My sons are super blessed.

Jaime Lynne said...

This is a great list. I like it even better than your last one.

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