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Saturday, January 26, 2013


I knew that the first goal I wanted to knock out this year was #20: Establish a daily schedule for the family, including home-school, preschool, and therapy. 

It's something that has been a long time in the making, and I think I've finally got it down. Our detailed schedule has been working out great...but this week Chad switched to evening shift (he goes to work at 2:00pm), so I had to re-work the schedule and make a second version. Now I have the "Evening Shift Schedule" printed out, in a page protector hanging on the fridge. I can flip it over to "Day Shift Schedule" when Chad switches again.

The time frames help me keep my day in perspective, and even when I'm behind or ahead, having all of my "to-dos" listed out helps immensely. It has also had the added side-effect of my kids watching less movies. They used to ask for movies all the time. Once I had the schedule, it became easy to say, "No, it's time for _____." And now they don't ask as much.

So at the risk of looking like a Type-A control freak, here it is in all its glory (the Day Shift Schedule has all the same things, except we start school at 9:00am, have an earlier dinner, and exercise when Chad gets home at 6:00pm):

Evening Shift Schedule

8:00--Wake up, breakfast, vitamins
8:30--Brush teeth, get dressed, make beds
9:00--Exercise (Chad and I are doing P90X) (Bree and Mason free time)
10:00--Reading time (15 min) (kids)
10:00--Shower (me)
10:30--Snack/Lincoln Therapy
11:45--Fix Lunch
1:00--Math (Mason: blocks, puzzles, DVD, PC, number flashcards)
2:00--Lincoln nap
2:00--Phonics (Mason: toy computer, DVD, PC, letters, writing)
3:15--Outside recess/Mom free time
4:15--Science or History or Study Island
5:00--Music or Art
5:30--Free time until dinner
5:45--Prepare dinner
7:00--PJs and movie time
9:00--Brush teeth, scriptures, story, bedtime


Taysom Wallace said...

Looks awesome! :) Congrats on a goal completed!

Taysom Wallace said...

Looks awesome! :) Congrats on a goal completed!

The Burk Family said...

Its amazing how much schedules really do help, and then I think, "Man... What was I doing with all my time before??" Great job!

Cari said...

Awesome! I love that you have a schedule, i'm trying to figure one out so that I can make my time more effective since I work night shift now and i'm bouncing back and forth between church and being on a similar schedule to James.

The Wallace Family said...

Wow - how are you going to fit packing up an entire household in??? Congrats on selling the house!!!

Jaime Lynne said...

This schedule would drive a weaker woman to insanity. But you manage your life, home and responsibilities with organized grace. I'm so proud of you!

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