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Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013, off to a busy start

This week was the first official week of the new year, since we were still in vacation mode last week. We have been keeping busy. Here's a quick update on this week's events and thoughts.
  • I sketched out a schedule for home school. Mason hates it, because I am now forcing him to participate in Bree's Language, Science, History, etc. When I work with Bree on her math or phonics, I put him to work on something more his level (flashcards, puzzles, online learning games, or a Sesame Street DVD)
  • Bree forgot an impressive amount of information during her two-week break 
  • Our daily schedule includes outside playtime (unless it's too cold or rainy), therapy play time with Lincoln, and an hour of "mommy time."
  • On the days Chad works (8-6), he comes home for his break at 4:30, which is when we eat dinner. This lets us exercise immediately after he gets home at 6:00, and then we actually have time to relax together after 7:00.
  • It's P90X time again. Yesterday was "Legs," so naturally I can't walk today. Monday we did pull-ups for the first time, and for the following two days my right arm was unable to completely straighten of its own accord, because the muscles responsible for elbow flexion were ridiculously tight. My goal is to actually make it through the three-month program this time (3 months = 90 days, hence the "90" in P90X)

  • My homemade cottage cheese turned out very soft and extra tangy, so not good for eating plain. However, when I blend it up, it makes a wonderful and healthy sour cream. I tried to use the leftover whey to make ricotta cheese (one of my goals for the year--I thought I was being so smart when I added that to the list: "Hee hee! I already have the whey; I'm half-way there!"). But that was a big fat bust. I will have to try again, and use actual milk instead of reconstituted powdered milk.
  • Chad an I finally got to see Les Miserables on Wednesday. We loved it. We saw the Broadway musical in Vegas just before we were married, and have both been in love with the soundtrack ever since. The film did a great job of bringing our favorite songs to life. My two main complaints were a slight disappointment in Russell Crowe, who plays Javert (he has a decent voice, but isn't able to convey emotion when he sings), and an annoyance with Marius's jaw-shaking-induced vibrato (singers can get away with that on stage, but not on the big screen; it was hard not to laugh at times). Thank you Mackenzie for swapping babysitting so we could go!
  •  I made sweet potato fries yesterday with a couple taters left over from Christmas. That's the second time I've made these "fries" and I think it's official: we are not fans.
  • I did my first batch of indexing today. It was the most difficult group of names I have ever done. Russian and Polish names are not my forte.
  • Today's list of to-dos includes going to the library, preparing for Primary Singing Time, and doing yesterday's Science and Music lessons (we ran out of time because we had to clean the house and then stay away while it was being shown). And I really hope I finally get some time to watch Downton Abbey.


The Burk Family said...

Hey thankyou for coming up with the idea! Hopefully sometime we can actually go together on a double date! But I totally agree with BOTH disappointments, especially Marius's. With Russell Crowe I couldn't quite figure out what I didn't like, but it was definetly the lack of emotion! Great job though figuring out a schedule including Mason and Lincoln, that is my goal this week! Your a great Mom!

Tina and Dan said...

HA HA! Whey! You are awesome Megan! I mean, you home school, workout, and make your own cottage cheese! I love it! Too many exclamation marks!

Frances Wallace said...

I love Downton Abbey! Jim and I are addicted to it.

Jaime Lynne said...

I still haven't seen Les Mis. I'm afraid I will be disappointed. But I'm a huge DTA fan. What a fantastic show. I'm glad you enjoy it, too!

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