Saturday, September 29, 2012

Turtle Encounter

The kids had been going a little stir-crazy this week, so Thursday my mom and I took them to the zoo. Having season passes is great--we let the kids choose what they want to see, and we don't stress about "getting our money's worth."

I let Bree navigate the map, you know, so we could count that as home school geography time. And we learned about all kinds of animals, so that's science. Field trips are awesome.

It gets hot early in the morning in Phoenix, so we tried to stay in the shade. The kids asked me to take their picture by the Komodo Dragon, as usual, even though that metal statue was burning their buns.

But the big highlight of the day was the Turtle Encounter exhibit. The turtles just climb right out of the pond, and walk up to you!

You can feed them whatever you have on hand (protein bars, the lid from your water bottle), and they'll eat right out of your hand while your mother cringes. You can teeter dangerously close to the water's edge to peer into its murky depths. And it's all included in the price of admission!

Sweet turtle memories.


1 comment:

Taysom Wallace said...

that sounds like a fun day!! :) how cool that they just come right up to you :) I love you guys!


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