Friday, September 7, 2012

So depressed

What's one of the most depressing chores in the world? Unpacking a suitcase.

Now imagine that your suitcase was packed, but never went anywhere. It was packed for the family vacation to San Diego that you've been planning since May. The vacation that was cancelled at the last minute.

Really depressing.

And the reason we're not going?

It is really hard not to be angry at our four-year-old right now.


Frances Wallace said...

I'm so sorry! Mason's facial expression is heart breaking.
There are lots of small earthquakes right now in Southern California, maybe it's a SIGN!
Mason may have saved all your lives. He is amazing!

The Wallace Family said...

What happened???

Tina and Dan said...

oh NOOOOOO!!! Bummer for him and Bummer for YOU!

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