Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Goal #27: Surprise Date Night

Usually when Chad and I go on a date, it's a last-minute affair. And this was no exception. But, since I was surprising Chad, he was none the wiser. It was a Saturday, and Chad was due to get home from work at 5:00pm. I desperately tried to find a sitter at whose house I could drop the kids off (so I could start the date the moment Chad walked in the door). But I had to settle for a sitter who could be at our house in time for us to catch the 6:15 movie. I did time it so that the kids and I were out of the house picking up pizza for dinner when Chad got home. I left him a note that said, "Shower and wear something nice." He probably didn't expect the kids to be with me when I came in with dinner, but I assured him that the sitter would be there soon. He was just excited that I had surprised him. We went to see "The Dark Knight Rises," which I really enjoyed (I must add the disclaimer that when I'm in a good mood, my movie or book reviews are always more favorable).

The date wasn't elaborate, but it was special because I planned it in secret, and Chad didn't have to participate in the pre-date decision-making that always seems such a huge chore (Which sitter is available? What should we do? Should we eat? See a movie? Try to discover some other thus far undiscovered source of entertainment in Globe?). It was a really fun night. And who knows? Maybe Chad will reciprocate some time in the future.


Tina said...

I LOVE this! I'm going to do it! SEE, you always seem to inspire me! :O)

Tina said...

PS - I feel old. I could not decipher 3 different security passwords to post my comment.

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