Saturday, March 17, 2012

Zoo Experience

We decided it was high time for a visit to the zoo again. We carpooled with Adam and Heather (in our new awesome minivan) and met up with Amy and her kids at the zoo. It was a gorgeous, warm day. The kids had a blast, and Mason and Bree did pretty good at listening and staying within sight even though it was incredibly crowded.

There were lots of animals to see, including the stingrays, which we haven't visited before.

And there was lots of other stuff too. Including Bree's long-awaited cotton candy.

And Lincoln was a gem, despite the fact that his eyes were watering all day (the sunshine or sunscreen, or both). After a few hours of walking, a picnic lunch, and lots of fun, we said goodbye to Amy and her kids and headed back to Adam and Heather's house. We were happy and exhausted. The kids played quietly for hours with Adam's Legos. And the adults spent the rest of the day glued to the couches, watching Adam play a video game, chatting, and avoiding responsibility. It was awesome. We'll have to do it again sometime. The zoo, I mean.

1 comment:

Frances Wallace said...

Bree, Mason and Lincoln are adorable!

Bree will you share some cotton candy with Granny Franny, please?

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