Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinosaurs in Arizona

On my drive home from Zion last week, I stopped at the Big Water Visitors Center, which is near the Glen Canyon Dam.  I took this picture of a hadrosaur's tail there, discovered in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument area.  I learned about the steps of the Grand Staircase, and how it exposes so many layers of earth, each representing a different time period in history.  For this reason, dinosaur fossil finds are prevalent in this area.  Something about this visitor's center sparked a yearning in me to learn more about dinosaurs.  
I bought an awesome book for the kids, which we have been reading through together.  Bree and Mason love looking at the pictures, and enjoy the fold-out and pop-up features.  I love the little facts I'm learning.  Which dinosaur was the longest?  Which was the fastest?  Which was the smartest?  I also talked to an employee at the visitors center who personally found a sickle clawed dinosaur (Genus Nothronychus) skeleton two miles away from the building.  That skeleton, the most complete specimen of any in its Family, is currently at the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa, just over an hour away from here.  I've added that to my list of places we must see.  Chad and I realized that we can't remember ever seeing a real dinosaur skeleton.  And that's just sad.  A travesty, really.  It must be remedied, and soon.

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