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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reading Challenge Update

I haven't been reading as quickly as I'd hoped. Maybe if I set a goal to read one book a week, in addition to the children's books I read to my kids. Right now, I stand at 21.1 points:
  • 1.1 points for reading 11 picture books
  • 10 points for City of Bones, a book that takes place in a city I'd like to visit (New York)
  • 10 points for City of Glass, a book about war (okay, so it's fantasy war, but still war)
The whole point of this challenge is to get me to branch out into genres that I wouldn't normally dabble in. Right now I'm reading My Cousing Rachel, a mystery first published in 1951. Then I'll take on David Copperfield, which, at more than 800 pages, will earn me a whopping 25 points. And, since I've never read one of Dickens' novels before, I thought I'd start with his own personal favorite.


Anonymous said...

Goodluck with the challenge. You'll have to post which books you liked best :)


Frances Wallace said...

I love you anyway. SMILE!

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