Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What else did we do?

We did a lot of stuff in Vegas that I didn't post in detail. Here's the whole trip in summary:
  • Monday when we arrived in town we went to Bob and Syd's for a delicious lasagna dinner and the kids played
  • Tuesday morning Jaime came to pick me up for a girls' day out, including pedicures, bra shopping (for her soon-to-be new mommy self), lunch at Cafe Rio (yummm) and a movie (Duplicity, which I only give 3 stars)
  • Wednesday we went hiking at Red Rock with Rachel and Sydney and her kids
  • Thursday afternoon we went to the Shark Reef aquarium at the Mandalay Bay; after that we met up with Jaime and Rob for dinner at Metro Pizza, then went back to their place for some Office watching
  • Friday morning Fran took us to Mimi's for breakfast, and I had the delicious Pain Perdu (stuffed French toast with orange marmalade cream cheese filling); then we went to the Lied Children's Museum
  • Fran, Bree, and I did some shopping Friday afternoon, including a stop at the Disney store where we saw the Easter Bunny and Bree picked out her birthday present.
  • Friday night we went with Fran, Jim, and the Keyes family to Red Robin for my favorite burgers and shakes
  • After dinner, Chad and I went to a baptism for our friends the McCrackens' oldest son Danny; afterward we went to the Leas' home for our traditional fondue
  • Saturday while the guys went golfing, Fran, Syd, and I took all the kids to Town Square for food and fun (see additional post)
  • Sunday we had Bree's birthday/Easter dinner party and egg hunt; Rob and Jaime stayed late to play Canasta
  • Monday I went to Jaime's house to help her and her mom clean out her scrapbook room and get the baby's room ready (or closer to ready!)
  • Monday night we went bowling, then went home for a delicious dinner of homemade tacos (must-haves for taco night: fresh-cooked tortillas, homemade guacamole, fresh lime juice)


Tina and Dan said...

WoW! You guys kept busy! I LOVE all the food you had - it is making me hungry!

Frances wallace said...

You have such a talent for blogging. After reading about our week I'm exhausted!

emily said...

just wanted to let you know.. you look great! I love the hair!...and your kids are adorable:0)

Jaime Lynne said...

We felt so lucky to see you as much as we did. Thank you again for dinner at Metro Pizza and Fran's house. Playing Canasta at the table and asking and answering baby questions is now one of our favorite Wallace/Lea memories.

Can't wait to see you again!

jenn said...

I love how you collaged the pictures... What is the secret?

What a fun trip!!

megs said...

There's an easy collaging feature in Picasa (free photo software by Google).

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