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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Buzz Cuts

Since Chad is a pro at cutting his own hair with the electric clippers, he decided it was time for Mason to be introduced to the buzz cut. I helped hold him, since we were afraid Mason would freak out having that vibrating razor on his head, but he did fine. It looks like Mason's going blonde just like Bree. His hair has definitely lightened!


Frances wallace said...

Look at their handsome smiles! Daddy and son are bonding.
When is Bree getting a buss? HA HA !
Thank you for taking cute pictures and sharing them.
Love, G-Ma Fran

jenn said...

What is a "buss" ???
Just messing with you Grandma... The boys do look wonderful!

Frances wallace said...

I messed up as usual. I don't deserve such a wonderful intelligent family.
Sorry, Megan for using your blog to shame myself.
Love, Mom Fran

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