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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Sleeping Arrangements

Three nights ago, Mason graduated to the big crib in Bree's room, which they will be sharing from now on (not the crib, just the room! Bree has her own toddler bed). I was worried that Mason would wake Bree up early in the mornings when he wakes up to eat (he's been sleeping 'til 5 or 6, which is awesome). But what I didn't expect was, not only would Mason not wake Bree up, but that Mason would actually sleep longer in his new bedroom! He slept until 7:30 the first night, and 8:30 the next two! I am ecstatic and can only pray that this pattern will continue. This is big news for exhausted parents (ok, well, Chad never actually gets up that early--he works late so he sleeps late).

Six months old really agrees with Mason. He sleeps through the night, and can sit up on his own without falling over (he enjoys playing with his toys so much more in that position). The only wierd thing is that he absolutely detests shoes. He rarely wears them except on Sundays. This last Sunday he was getting fussy, so I took him out of Sacrament meeting. None of the usual things were working to sooth him, and he's usually such a good baby. I finally just ended up in the mothers' room (which is actually the 'foyer' to the women's bathroom, ugh) rocking in the chair with him screaming on my lap. I was set on taking him home after Sacrament because something must have been really wrong with him. Then after 15 minutes I took his shoes off because I was tired of him kicking me, and within 2 minutes he was asleep! The same thing happened to Chad last night (of course, he should have known that laying Mason down for his nap wearing his shoes would not be a great idea!). So, unfortunately, we might not get to see Mason in his adorable shoe collection (adopted from his cousins Shea and Nathan). Oh well; he's not quite crawling yet, so walking is a long way off!


emilysblog said...

Your kids are so cute! Every night is a slumber party...how fun. That would be fun to come visit when Cari is in the area. Maybe we can get the rest of the gang in on it too and call it a reunion!

Frances wallace said...

ADORABLE! My G-Kids are adorable!
The stories, you so beautifully write, make the pictures come to life.
Love, G-Ma Fran

Melissa said...

Wow! I have to admit I'm a little jealous about that. That has definitely been our biggest issue about having the kids in the same room; Abby waking Carson up. She's getting better though. We cut out the morning feeding last month and that has helped her sleep longer.

I'm glad they are doing so well though...a good nights sleep makes such a difference!

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