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Saturday, August 31, 2013

What is UP with me?

The last couple of months I have been in a major funk. I can't put my finger on the cause. It's hot outside. Money is tight. Sending the kids to school has introduced new stressors (mostly having to do with Bree's homework and Mason's misbehaving during after-school soccer).

I also had major headaches going on. When I told my allergist last month that I didn't feel like the allergy shots were helping--I still had sinus headaches all the time--he started asking me detailed questions about the headaches. Then he said, "I think you have chronic migraines." What?! He told me to stop the daily pain relievers I'd been taking, since they were probably causing rebound headaches. I made an appointment with a neurologist, who was amazing, and who confirmed that I was having migraines on a daily basis. I struggled with a bunch of emotions: relief at finally having an accurate diagnosis for the headaches that had been plaguing me for YEARS. Regret that I had been suffering blindly for so long. And worry for the future, because there is no "cure" for migraines. I started taking preventative medication daily, along with some vitamins and supplements that were supposed to help. After a couple days on the new regimen, I experienced a headache-free day for the first time in a long time. And the relief continued. I still have occasional headaches, but I can recognize when one is starting, and usually I can pinpoint the cause, and do things to stop it before it becomes full-blown. And I have a prescription pain reliever to use if I need to (I've only had to use it twice). My life has changed for the better.

The days seem to fly by, and I don't feel like I get anything done. I spend my quiet afternoon hours vegetating or reading. I'm telling myself that I'm still recovering from recent and/or daily stress.

I have hardly taken any photos, but that doesn't mean that things haven't been happening. I've been pretty busy between school, church responsibilities, exercising, getting together with new friends, and managing doctor appointments and therapy.

Last week got pretty hairy. We needed to make an appointment for the minivan to fix a small oil leak (thankfully we have a full protection plan for it). Then we got a recall notice in the mail. Something about the powertrain control module, which sounded important, so we made the appointment. I had been stressing about having to drive both vehicles all the way to the dealer so Chad didn't have to wait there all day (and the cost of gas). Then we realized that the van's protection plan includes a free rental car. Blessing #1.

Then on Thursday, our air conditioning was struggling to cool the house properly. We sweated as the temp inside got up to 91 degrees. It cooled off enough that evening so that we could sleep, but I called my cousin who works on A/C first thing in the morning. He came right over, and by the time I came home from my Relief Society presidency meeting, the house was delightfully cool. And my cousin only charged us his cost for the freon, which saved us a literal boatload of money. Blessing #2.

In the midst of the A/C disaster, I was opening the mail, and discovered that the therapy that Lincoln had FINALLY started receiving since our move, would no longer be covered. I was angry because we were required to pay for any services after July 1st, but we were just now receiving the notice at the end of August. And I was devastated because Lincoln had finally started to make verbal progress thanks to his new amazing therapist, and now we had to decide how much, if any, therapy we could afford. I have enough mommy guilt as it is, without having to wonder if only we had gotten Lincoln more therapy, maybe he would be able to ______. We have since been given the means to provide Lincoln with the therapy he needs, and it's huge burden off my mind. Blessing #3.

So amid the trials and tears, I could clearly see our blessings. We have struggled with illness and injury and stress, but in the end we are happy and healthy and very blessed.

And I managed to take a few photos, it seems.

Proof that Lincoln continues to discover new abilities.

Completion of Goal #1: Organize my recipe binder (That dessert section needs to be divided into sub-categories!). I love that this goal is done. Baking is one of my favorite things to do, and I love being able to find my recipes easier. And I have made cookie pizza, cream cheese bars, and two different types of doughnuts now, as a result. So...this could, in fact, be a bad thing.

The kids have taken on more chore responsibility. And Lincoln loves to get in on the action. The dishes may no longer be clean, or in the proper drawer, but he feels so important to be helping out.

Bree is enjoying school, though she admits it's a lot of work, and not as fun as she thought it would be. But it's getting better now that she's a little more used to the routine and the pace. Mason seems to be thriving in half-day kindergarten. He learns so quickly when he applies himself, and he comes home every day with more things to tell us. They both enjoy soccer, and they are getting amazing exercise, even if it is unreasonably hot outside. Mason had some issues with bothering other kids and/or not paying attention. After an incident with biting, and another with throwing rocks (it's a miracle they didn't kick him out!), we decided it was time to cut him off from any media that is remotely violent. No more video games period. No Pokemon or Avatar cartoons. We're sticking with PBS and Barney re-runs. And things have been so much better, not just in soccer, but at home too.

Lincoln is finally starting to say a few more words along with his signs, which are getting more recognizable. Ever since Lincoln met his new therapist a couple weeks ago, he is trying to repeat more things verbally. The cutest thing he's doing is pointing his fingers and saying, "Go, go!" And last night he was successfully feeding himself his chili with a spoon. It's a big deal.

Whew! It's been quite a month. I'm ready to turn to a new page on my calendar. It's a fresh start. I can pretend that the weather will cool down and begin to feel like fall in September (...Baah hah ha! That's a good one.). We look forward to Chad working on day shift soon, and will have to adapt to a new schedule again. With every shift in our lives, it takes me a little time to settle into a groove. Luckily Chad and the kids are very forgiving, and I've found great friends here to rely on. 

Here's to the near future being funk free.


Jaime Lynne said...

Look at Lincoln all up on that stool!

I know it has been a stressful year, heck, few years for you guys. I'm happy that you are more settled, the kids are in school and you're finding solutions to improve your health.

We cut out anything media with ANY fighting or bad guys after we moved here and Zackary started hitting. It made a small difference. We also made more opportunities for Robert and Zackary to spend time alone together and I brushed up on the five love languages. That helped, too. It's so frustrating, though, when your kid acts out. And even more frustrating when people judge your parenting based on your kid's worst behavior at a particular moment in time. I have certainly become a lot less judgmental since we've been navigating this phase with Z. Good luck!

Jaime Lynne said...

Came to the blog this morning to watch Lincoln's video again. He's just too, too cute. I love how proud he is of himself.

The Wallace Family said...

He is adorable. I love his big smile that just takes over his face!

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