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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Much-Needed Makeover

The table and chairs in our kitchen were hand-me-downs. I always wished we could afford a beautiful wood table and chairs. But guess what? Wood tables get scratched and dented. Wood chairs get creaky and wobbly. Our kitchen set? We have used and abused it. And the laminate table-top? Crayon marks and stains come right off. The steel chairs are super sturdy--no wobbling there. The white vinyl cushions--well...that's a different story.

For one, they are no longer white. And no amount of scrubbing at this point will help.

Second, they have battle wounds. The kids' weapons of choice? Fondue forks and pencils.

A makeover was long overdue. So I finally attacked the chairs with a screwdriver.

*Disturbing content warning: Naked skeleton image


Step one was easy. Next up was a good scrubbing. Then I was supposed to spray on a fresh coat of white paint. But it was really hot outside. And the next day was humid, and, you know, humidity is paint's enemy. Plus, I'm lazy. But I have the spray paint, so I really intend to do it at some point.

Next up: the cushions. I labeled the front and back pieces of the chair back, to help me remember how they would go back together.

Then began the TEDIOUS process of removing about 3 million staples to get the old vinyl off. I used the old pieces as a pattern to cut my new oilcloth fabric (purchased from Oilcloth Addict on Etsy). The seat cushion required me to sew one seam. Then it was time to staple my new fabric on (this is an amazing hand workout--that staple gun isn't messing around).

I reattached the cushions to the skeleton, and broke into a wide smile at the result.

The chair used to remind me of an outdated restaurant. Now it's retro and unique. I love it.

One chair down, five more to go!


Heather said...

That looks amazing! And I am impressed with how well these chairs stand the test of time. Good choice for the kiddos! Well done!

Jaime Lynne said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this... I have so many fond memories of that kitchen set. But at least you didn't throw it away. And the new upholstery is absolutely gorgeous! Love the pattern. You really did a wonderful job.

The Wallace Family said...

Professional - looks brand new!

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