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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Down on the Farm

We live just a few minutes from Schnepf Farms, an adorable family-owned farm and agritourism spot. And it's organic peach season! We visited Thursday morning, and were disappointed that there were no peaches ready for picking on that day. But the trip was certainly not wasted, since we were able to enjoy the free attractions around the farm.

We saw some pigs, chickens, and peacocks. There were peahens too, and we got to see peacock eggs for the first time.

The kids played in the playground.

We all really enjoyed the petting zoo. This is definitely my favorite place to pet farm animals. They are clean and extra friendly. This black and white bull was very docile.

There was also a brown cow in the stall across the way that kept wedging its head between the bars so it could shove us around. Mason got "nudged" pretty good! But the goats were the favorites. Unlike at most petting zoos, these little guys would come up and beg to be petted.

Mason became obsessed with finding out which ones had "stripes' in their eyes (they looked like slit-shaped pupils). For some reason it creeped him out.

They were so sweet and gentle. Every time I crouched down to snap some photos, I would end up with two or three goats laying their heads in my lap.

We stopped buy the store to buy some pre-picked peaches.

And we couldn't resist sampling some wares from the bakery: a cinnamon roll and a sticky bun. You know, since it had been a whole hour since we had eaten breakfast.

The peaches were juicy and sweet, and made a delicious cobbler. Peach season will be over too soon, but we're glad that we'll be able to enjoy Schnepf Farms all year 'round!

May 9th, 2013

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Jaime Lynne said...

Ooooh, fresh peaches. Reminds me of the peach cobbler you made with your own peaches last year. And that bakery looks divine.

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